Hipster PDA Budget

Three-column table for keeping track of projected expenses and remaining budget

Paper size: 
Index Card (3 x 5)
Usage advice: 

You can use this to keep track of your budget: how much you've set aside and how much is left. Start by writing your total monthly income on the first row. You can use a pen to write your fixed expenses such as rent, but a pencil is better for writing variable expenses. Fill in the amount left so that you can avoid going over your budget. Update this card at the end of the day when you go through the receipts in your inbox. You can use the back of the card to keep track of transactions without receipts.

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Is it possible to be able to

Is it possible to be able to get this template multiple times in letter size?

I have OpenOffice Draw, and I assume that's what I'd use, but how would I go about doing that?

My apologies if you already have a tutorial covering this.

4 or 5 up

You can do a simple 2 by 2 block or, looking at a portrait oriented letter page, a column of two portrait oriented copies and a column of three landscape oriented copies.

Does that help ?
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