D*I*Y Planner Rights, Disclaimers and Distribution

These template designs and its accompanying documentation are ©2004-2005 Douglas Johnston, with some exceptions: see below.

The template designs, files and documentation are for personal use only, licensed under the terms of a Creative Commons Non-Commercial No-Derivatives license (see the linked page for more details). They are therefore free of charge for personal use. Distribution or commercial printing without the expressed written permission of the designer is forbidden. If you wish to provide or use these templates within an organisation or for commercial enterprise, please contact me to work out a mutually beneficial agreement.

Note that this license does not apply to the Getting Things Done Quick Reference Card, as this methodology is the property of the David Allen Company: I only claim to have created the graphic flowchart, and not the concepts within. Likewise, the two GTD diagrams found in the Classic/A5 versions can be found at the DavidCo website (links: Basic Diagram and Advanced Diagram), and are simply resized and reoriented for your convenience. The Covey Planning Quick Reference Card is based upon the methodologies and property of the Covey Leadership Center, Inc.. These diagrams are included as a courtesy to followers of these methodologies, and are subject to removal at a later date should the copyright or trademark holders object to their inclusion.

Also, certain other templates are inspired by the writings of David Allen and Stephen R. Covey, and as such may contain elements under copyright or trademark: they are noted with a by-line at the base of pertinent pages. Ideas implemented within these forms are offered in good faith and as a way to promote the Getting Things Done and First Things First methodologies and books among the users of this planner; if you would like to make the most of these forms, please buy the books! I should note that these templates are also subject to removal at a later date, should any copyright or trademark owners object to their inclusion within this package.

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