How-To: Submitting a Template

Share your templates with others and get suggestions, tips, and the warm-and-fuzzy feeling of knowing you've helped other people be more productive!

You'll need:

  • Catchy title, preferably with a unique name (hint: "Calendar" is probably not a good choice). Please don't use "D*I*Y Planner" in the name, as this is reserved for "official" templates on this site; you can, however, mention that it uses the D*I*Y Planner look and feel in the description or usage information.
  • Printable form, preferably in PDF format (you may also attach the source file to make it, such as the original Microsoft Office or file)
  • Thumbnail (max 400x300 35kb, in PNG, JPG or GIF format) to make people curious
  • Which license you want to release the form under
  • Short description
  • Usage notes and advice

Here's how you can share your forms with other people in the D*I*Y Planner community:

  1. Log in and choose "Create content" from the sidebar.
    Choose "Template" from the menu that appears.

  2. Describe your work, set the thumbnail, and attach your printable form. Don't forget to set the paper size, license, and categories.
  3. Preview it if you want. Then submit it!

We'll take a look at your submission as soon as we can. Once we publish it, it will be up there for everyone to see. Thanks for your contribution!

Note: If you edit or modify your template submission (say, to upload a new version of the file), it goes back into the moderation queue and must be re-approved by an editor.

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