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Everything else, and nothing in particular.
94786091 week 6 days ago
by jonglass
Crossed over from the digital divide? Wondering how to cope with a paper-based environment? Want to figure out how best to use paper in conjunction with digital tools?
11410111 year 7 weeks ago
by liz_n_cats
Suggestions for the site, bugs that need to be stomped upon, and discussions about its operation.
1117736 weeks 2 days ago
by RevNomad
The place to go to introduce yourselves, ask for general help, and meet other members.
328176716 weeks 2 days ago
by DBDigital
Want to discuss your favourite notebook? Looking for advice on what to purchase? Have tips for taking notes?
400433424 weeks 2 hours ago
by zippytex
Your favourite writing and drawing tools.
139128827 weeks 2 days ago
by Anne-Sophie
General ideas about how to set up and use planners, Hipster PDAs, calendars, and more.
1219671 year 2 weeks ago
by dvaughnprice
Buying, selling, giving away to useful homes...? Leave your listing here. (Not for mass commercial sales, nor spam, please!) This is for relevant planning, productivity and creativity products.
22713481 year 16 weeks ago
by diamond66
Something you'd like to see? Something you'd like to make?
32221871 year 13 weeks ago
by jonglass
Dealing with borders, bleeding, awkward rollers, or the vagaries of Acrobat? Or maybe you have an idea for resizing or repurposing forms to other size media? Perhaps tips for cutting and punching?
1317872 years 18 weeks ago
by Berrybleu
Planners, cases, pens and add-ons. What do you carry?
31028751 week 6 days ago
by jonglass
For those working with David Allen's ubiquitous Getting Things Done system.
604002 years 7 weeks ago
by ostrander
For those using the Stephen R. Covey's systems, including those proffered by First Things First and the Franklin-Covey planners and workshops.
8326 years 7 weeks ago
by Starthys
For the rest of the systems, including homebrew ones. Let your imagination go wild.
3928644 weeks 1 hour ago
by LSan
Knowing how much money is actually stuffed in that mattress of yours.
4238 years 38 weeks ago
by mk
Come on in to discuss planning and tracking your health, diet and fitness progress.
12485 years 47 weeks ago
by pinkjenii
Need to track IP numbers, job requests, the pr0n passwords of bosses? Do you see the ironic use of implementing digital workflow on paper?
241421 year 50 weeks ago
by ygor
Does paper serve as both medium and planning tool? Looking for new ways to brainstorm or note ideas? Do you need to track paintings sent to your gallery, or handle clients who are demanding new 2-page diagram spreads yesterday?
121146 years 24 weeks ago
by Katrina
Sound and vision, baby. For those seeing the world through viewfinders and hearing the world through headphones.
7275 years 51 weeks ago
by zippytex
Keeping more personal thoughts and ideas in your planner, like diary pages, dreams, idle sketches and pressed leaves?
352914 years 19 weeks ago
by shris
Note the ...err.. notes.
2135 years 5 weeks ago
by jordanjm
Pull up a chair and discuss all those things completely unrelated to being a writer, with the occasional dip into something relevant.
161063 years 31 weeks ago
by ostrander