Planner Selection Tips

When you go to buy your planner, you may want to keep these tips in mind....

  • Get a planner that's easy to use and carry. For example, if you have to tote yours through inclement weather and rough conditions, opt for a full zippered enclosure that would keep the insides dry and well-contained.
  • If you are using a planner along with a PDA, you can actually buy planners with sleeves or velcro attachments for it. Bring your Palm (or PocketPC or Zaurus, or whatever) along with you while you're shopping so you see how it fits. Pay careful attention that the PDA can't be crushed, or its screen scratched. You can also get a 'PDA holder' that snaps into your rings. In our experience, these are awkward at best.
  • Make sure the planner is roomy enough for your papers without being too bulky. Too slim, and it'll be bursting at the seams; too big, and its bulk will discourage you from carrying it. Get whatever feels 'portable' to you. Account for your PDA, if necessary, as it'll add at least a half-inch to the thickness. Many find that a 1.5 inch (32mm) ring is perfect for their needs.
  • If you have the money to spare, there are a wide range of 'fashionable' planners out there. From weathered and rugged calf-skin to embossed daisies to super-expensive hot pink Italian leather: you can probably find something that suits your personal style. (Perhaps this would be greater incentive to carry it with you everywhere?) Order a few catalogues and scour the, Day Runner, Filofax and Franklin-Covey websites to find the best match to your style. eBay is also a good place to hunt, as many people sell empty planner binders, since their form inserts are all used up, or too old to be any good (e.g., old calendars).
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