The 4-Up Version

The 4-Up version is meant for printing four adjacent cards onto letter-size (8.5" x 11") card stock and then you can cut the page apart with a guillotine or scissors. If you want to print double-sided cards (for example, the monthly 'flip card'), simply turn over the paper and print again.

Since the four cards are exactly centred on the page you should be able to print these on A4 paper as well. Just remember to tell Acrobat to centre (but not scale) the document.

You can usually find a decent 'paper' guillotine at office supply and department stores for between 30-60 USD. Avoid 'rotary trimmers' and get one with a self-sharpening chopper arm. For an example, see the GBC GT II Series Trimmer, 15in., which is a great investment for a fairly low price, and you'll probably be passing it on to your grandchildren.

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