Hipster PDA Artist Sketch Templates

This template contains three basic pages that can be used by artists for thumbnailing and sketching. These templates fit the 3"x5" form-factor of the Hipster PDA, and can easily be used in a single- or double-sided layout.

Paper size: 
Index Card (3 x 5)
Usage advice: 

Print them and use them as creatively as you can!

The cards included in this set are:

  1. Thumbnails
  2. Sketch (blank)
  3. Sketch (rule of thirds*)

* While the "Rule of Thirds" is a term pulled from the world of photography, it's closely related to the "Golden Ratio" and other mathematical aspects of aesthetics. Many artists use the Rule of Thirds when sketching as a simple composition guide.

Creative Commons
Applications required: 
PDF Reader (Adobe Reader, Mac OS X Preview)
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