Unofficial Projects & Tasks Templates for Excel

A series of Excel spreadsheets designed for project and task management. May be used digitally or in print.

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Allows you to type it up and copy/paste for status reports.

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets...
- Print them out blank to write on during the day.
- Occasionally type them up (helps clean up the data too!)
- Copy/Paste to create a Weekly Status or Project Tasks report.

These are my personal forms and are regularly changed. They are not "production" ready and may need some tweaking. They are also better on a color printer since I use mostly red and blue pens.

Note: I was able to open in OOo Chart, copy/paste into Draw (8.5x11), and then still edit with colors, but it would need a bit of cosmetic tweaking.

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Microsoft Excel
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Really useful starting point

Needs tweaks, but saved me HOURS in terms of giving really solid and varied starting points. THanks.