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I stumbled on this by accident, and I'm thoroughly hooked. I appreciate all the hard work that's gone into all these templates.

This has probably been asked before, and I am sure I will unleash an avalanche, but having said that, what are the chances of any of these templates working in MS Office? I don't have OpenOffice installed yet, as the vagaries of learning a new application are more than I can deal with right now.

If anybody is working on a complete set of 2007 dated pages, I'd be forever in your debt.

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PDF Files...

Which sets did you download?? Because there should be sets in PDF files also, at least for what I have downloaded so far - with the calendars and core packs, anyways.

PDF Files

Hey, thanks. Oh, I think I downloaded every PDF on the site. I was wanting to tweak them a little, make a few new pages, move some stuff around. Is OpenOffice the only way I can do this? A friend of mine has an application she can edit PDFs on (I think it's something for her Mac, something like Quark or PageMaker...), but I don't have a Mac or those applications.

Have the OpenOffice files been ported to MS Office? Or is that blasphemy? Forgive me, like I said, I'm new here. I like what I see!!

NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!

DIY Planner is method agnostic so one can talk freely amongst paper pr0n friends without fear of the comfy chair. However it does use The 'Official' D*I*Y Planner Development Software rather than the diabolically expensive MS Office. Hope this helps. :)


My apologies Gerald, apparently we do have some user submitted MS Office Templates. Feel free to scroll through them. :D