Levenger Circa irregularities

I bought the $40 set, and got a couple of free circas. I noticed the set's back cover is printed with the tree, while the freebies had levenger embossed (stamped?) in the plastic. So i didnt wanna wear off the tree, so ive been using the freebie covers.

Well, today i used the tree set. It feels thinner and floppier than normal. I wanna say recycled milk jug.
Also, i already know the paper can be irregular because of the sourcing problem - most of my paper causes bad bleedthrough even with gel pens, only a few sheets (tasker pad, for example) don't. (i havent tried the colors yet, only the white). I mean, green gel pen bleeds through-it's worse than my better loose-leaf paper! (yes, i do know the difference-they did laser cutting technology a few years back, overnight all the paper became unuseable- ive still got 5 packs of 200 sheets that are the same thickness as my good 100-sheet packs. )

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