looking for a scrapbook calendar

i need a calender i can scrap on , any sugestions?

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Waste Not, Want Not...

Hi Olga, I am not 100% sure what a scraps calendar looks like, so this is a wild guess... Calendar pack Pages: Page 40 -41 and 42-43 (Undated), Pages 44- 91 (2006 calendar). ...Or look for something amongst the user submitted Templates?

Scrap Calendars...

You mean so you can make a scrapbook-stle calendar?? The best I can suggest is the letter size blank calendars.

looking for a scrapbook calendar

im looking for something i can add pictures to on the days themslves . like on some ones bithday
thanks ill look into the ones you have mentioned

your calendar

I've pasted a couple of websites that sells blank calendars. I print my pics and paste them into the calendar.



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