Printing outlook calender

I have an office assistant that keeps my schedule via her access to my Outlook. I am giving up my PDA/palm and going to create Hipster planner. But I must coordinate the Outlook calender somehow because I must continue to have her assistance in organzing my schedule (life).

Suggestions? Print it out and tape in??

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Outlook Calendar - Hipster & Classic

My office lives by the Outlook/Exchange shared calendar, so switching back to 100% paper is not an option here either. The on-line calendar will forever be the official version of at least my @WORK calendar. I use the export/import CSV format to up-load other things I care about (international holiday calendar, public schools calendar, sports team calendar, ...) so the rest of my life is there.

Since seeing Tom Limoncelli - Time Management for Systems Administrators "in concert" back in January, I have spent the last 6+ months printing my Outlook calendar in "Classic" format with following settings as a disposable hipster PDA that fits in my jacket pocket. (TM4SA is pretty directly applicable to my style of software consultants too, and is a useful alternate source from the classic GTD.) You can probably use similar settings -- or Avery forms etc -- to achieve a Hipster form factor instead.

My settings for printing Outlook to Classic

  • Outlook - Page Setup
    • [Daily Style]
    • Format - Layout - 1 page / day
    • Paper - Letter, 1/2 sheet booklet, Portrait Orientation
    • Margins - 0.50" T/B/L/R
    • Footer - 8pt [User Name] [Page #] [Date Printed]
  • Print | Properties
    • Layout - Landscape
    • Print on both sides - Flip on Short Edge
    • Page order: Front to back
    • Pages per sheet - 1

(I also have to remember to override my default of STAPLE ONE.)

I print 8 days of daily (2 sheets), 4 weeks (1 sheet), 4 months (1 sheet). Until today, I folded and either stapled or paperclipped them together. As of today, I'm using the paper-cutter and the 8.5" three hole punch, and putting them in a over-priced "Classic" office-store organizer-binder. Which is wny I'm here at D*I*Y Planner, picking up PDF's for some GTD'ish pages.

Bill (N1VUX)

Printing outlook calendar

I have the same issue - outlook works for me because its so easy to schedule my recurring appointments, and my handwriting ios too hard for me to read at that size -

I am printing weekly calendars in A4, 4 to a page booklet style - then cutting to size. they are pretty much the same size as my HPDA

Good luck


I find the calendar print-outsto be quite useful, and you can customize your page to print on 3 x 5, perfect for hipster! Be sure to set your font sizes smaller and you're good to go!