combining Outlook calender

I have an office assistant that keeps my schedule via her access to my Outlook. I am giving up my PDA/palm and going to create Hipster planner. But I must coordinate the Outlook calender somehow because I must continue to have her assistance in organzing my schedule (life).

Suggestions? Print it out and tape in?? How to combine this digital piece with analog??

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Outlook to Analog

I have done a similar thing after too many freeze ups with my Toshiba PDA. I use a print out of my Outlook and then punch this with a filofax hole punch to fit an A-5 binder. I still find the smaller ones just too small. This takes little time and of course I can also use the great templates on this site. When I am out of the office my paper planner can be updated with new commitments etc. simply by an sms, phone or email message and out comes the fountain pen to enter into my planner! So much more fun than tapping a screen with a tiny non-ergonomic 'stylus.'

Works also nice with contacts

If you experiment a bit with the "Contacts" in Outlook then you can also create nice pages from it for your analogue system. I wriet updates in it by hand and input them once every month or so in the electronic version and then print out a new copy.