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Happy blazin’ hot day to y’all! I’m a D*I*Y Planner neophyte here in beautiful Austin, Texas.

I’m trying to incorporate a personalized version of the Social Rhythm Metric (SRM) into my daily planner. It will track 16-20 daily events, the time of day each event began, the people who were involved in certain events, and how actively they were involved. It will also track daily intake of water and caffeine.

The Social Rhythm Metric (SRM) is a tool used in a psychosocial intervention for bipolar disorder sufferers. “At [this intervention’s] foundation is the concept that bipolar disorder derives from genetic vulnerabilities and biological mechanisms interacting with the regularity of daily rhythms, life events and interpersonal variables.”

Right now I'm using a crude little MSWord table for my personal SRM, with columns for activity, time, people (1=present, 2=interaction). A sample is attached.

I’m soliciting advice on layout and organization of my pages. I was thinking about using a classic A5 size D*I*Y Planner. I’m trying to decide whether I’ll need daily pages at all. I do want to have the metric be on the page(s) I use all day long, rather than in its section. Oh, and I’m a full-time student. That’s a key consideration. Suggestions?


samplemyIPSRT.doc40 KB
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To clarify, are you saying you suffer from a bipolar disorder and use the Social Rhythm Metric (SRM) - a self-report questionaire used in Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy (IPSRT) - and want a Template for personal use?... Or that you are a student who wants help with their project? ;)

Joking aside, you will need a daily record, if you use a three ring binder you can transfer them, as well as any other personal work, a week at a time. The D*I*Y Core Package contains Matrix Forms, however in this case I would recommend making your own with the D*I*Y Widget Kit. Have you seen this; Flexiblefine's Planner? I think you may find the layout useful. Take a look at all the D*I*Y Forms to try and get an idea of good design or perhaps someone can recommend a book on the subject?