Have you seen this?

I love finding new posts about people braving the world of DIY Planners.
Thought I would share it with you all in case you haven't seen it yet.

Hope you all are well!

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Very Nice !

That looks like a very talented and creative person.
I wish that such binders were available in the US.
Seems like everyone else in the world is on one set of standards and the US is on their own or none at all :(
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Thanks for sharing the link.

I love it. So much fun! I recently bought a pocket pc from ebay. I entered the information, but found I did not like it at all! I just love the way a pen feels on paper and the fun "artsy" items you can add. I have recently bought the black notebook with white butterflies from Staples and love it. I like the covers that have a little bend to them, because you can put more in and get away with smaller discs. I made a small hole in the back and added a black elastic band that I took off of something else! Then, I used a post on DIY Planner and make a black duct tape pen holder. I pasted some photos and cards inside the front cover and adding some Staples plastic pockets and made some rose pattern divider tabs out of file folders.

When I use it, it just feels right. I never got that feeling with the pocket pc.

I use some of Ygors' wonderful templates and some of my own. What fun!!


That blog is definitively dangerous for my nightly sleep...

And there's a link to DIYplanner too, at least in the post I just read.

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Have you seen this?

Very artisy craftsy. Kind of reminds you of Martha Stewart.

But overall, very creative. You can definitely get some ideas visiting iHanna's blog.