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I have used a paper organizer for years - all my attempts to go to portable electronic planners has resulted in broken portable electronic planners :-). Currently, I use Outlook as a central computer repository for all my info, a reminder tool and the print engine for my organizer. For calendars, I am addicted to Outlook's two-page-per-week, quarter page legal-size, printing capabilities. This size is small enough to fit precisely into my nice, leather Day-Runner binder; yet large enough so that I can write new appointments and to-do items while taking in an entire week at once without turning the page. I can print all my contacts and task lists to quarter-legal as well - Outlook allows me to either print 8 pages, front and back, to a single sheet of legal-size paper or to a single page (front and back if necessary) of a piece of legal paper that I have pre-cut into quarters.

I like Outlook. However, I don't like being tied to MicroSquish - they tend to take a nice piece of software and make it big, slow, clumsy and unwieldy, not to mention that their Outlook PST database files are an unreadable, proprietary format that doesn't export very well. They are also totally unresponsive to customer problems and suggestions unless you pay "the big bucks". I have searched and searched for software that can print like Outlook prints and have never, ever been able to find anything that comes close. I have looked at Anytime Organizer, which claims to be able to print like Outlook and can't, I've looked at Essential PIM - it's printing capabilities are crude in comparison, I've looked at Sunbird - ditto. I've even looked at the old Schedule+: it may be possible, but it's going to take a LOT of programming - besides, it is also a Microsoft product and is unsupported. I've looked at maybe dozens of different software packages and I can't find any software anywhere that can print like Outlook prints.

Does anyone know of any organizer software with printing capabilities as customizable as Outlook? In case you're not familiar with Outlook and its printing capabilities, I've attached a PDF sample of the two-page-per-week, quarter-legal planner pages I normally print. The file is printed to a PDF printer without double-sided capability, so Outlook arranged the pages as if it were printing single-side.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: I have found an application that almost meets my needs. It's called VIP Professional and its very close to what I want - the print pages are highly customizable and it seems to be fairly easy to use. Its fatal flaws are that it doesn't mirror margins and it has some problems with putting 8 pages on 1 sheet. Also, it's much more expensive than Outlook. Still, it's the closest thing I've found to an Outlook replacement. I'd rather find something that will do the job that costs less than Outlook.

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Is this the one you mean ?

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