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Just wanted to drop and note to say hello to everyone. This site is fantastic! I found it accidently doing a search for printer paper for my 411 Dayrunner planner. These templates and articles are SWEET. Looks like I'm a new convert. I dislike giving big business' my money anyway so I will be doing some donations out of my next paycheck! One of my hobbies (I forgot to list it) is writing short stories and novelettes. If anyone is interested I have some forms that I have made for character developement, chapter charting, and so on that I believe I could adapt to the 5.5 x 8.5 format easily. Thanks for the site, it is awesome!


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Yes, please!

I'd especially like to see how your chart your chapters.

I would really like to try your forms

I'm taking a class in creative writing, and some of the problems addressed by your forms are what I'm dealing with now. What a great resource these pages are. I so appreciate your efforts and those of all other creative users of paper planners.