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Hello. My name is Ryan. I live in Tilbury, Ontario, Canada. I like to create templates for the D*I*Y planner. I like to create daily and weekly planner templates, sometimes monthly. I'm a new member and I visited this site from, which that link was posted on the Decimal Time website in the Links section (

Question: Does Walmart, Zellers or Staples/Business Depot sell D*I*Y planners? I really want a Classic-sized planner Do they have it.

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Not for sale

Right now, the only way to get a D*I*Y Planner is to download the templates the print them out yourself. (DIY stands for "do it yourself," after all.)

You may want to go looking in various places to find a binder you like, so you'll know what size you should print. The binder I use with my planner is just a plain binder I bought at my local Office Depot, though I also use some FranklinCovey accessories.

Do you procrastinate?

A commercially available D*I*Y Planner

There are talks. We'll see how it all works out.



I'm looking for a binder

I'm looking for a binder that fits 5.5" x 8.5" paper. I used ordinary white letter paper and I'm sorry that I can't find a guillotine cutter, so I cut them with strong scissors. (I used a ruler to make a cutting line at the exact centre of the sheet and used paper clips to hold roughly 35-40 (maybe more) sheets of paper at a time, and I cut it along the line. I carefully cut it along the line). I loaded it up to my printer, and made some settings to the printer. Another question: Where can I find a binder that holds 5.5x8.5 inch paper that is inexpensive?

Lots of binders at B&N now

I was at Barnes & Noble yesterday and they have lots of binders (with pages) in all sizes. From several vendors. Prices were reasonable, if not bargain basement.