SVG Planner

SVG Planner is set of printable planner index cards in SVG format. This allows your to roll out your own PNGs depending on the resolution of your printer, and tweak the layout as much as you like, for whichever paper size works for you.

Usage advice: 

Print out the supplied PNGs to index cards, or tweak the SVG and printout planner cards for whichever dimensions you require.

Paper size: 
Index Card (3 x 5)
Creative Commons
Applications required: 
PNG viewer, optionally SVG viewer/editor (such as Batik)
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When I use the link provided (Firefox 1.0.6) and attempt to open the link in a new Tab = Microsoft Corp ?? When I use the old manual approach, I am able to get to the correct site. Is the link messed or is Firefox messed?

the link's messed up.

It was the link, not you. Fixed. Thanks for reporting this!