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I envy organizational web tools like BackpackIt and activeCollab. They keep track of all sorts of great projects from website design to book projects. Even 43 Things is a nifty site that helps me keep a list of all the interesting things I want to do throughout my life and links them up with others who have similar goals. I've got accounts on them all and have tried to use them for my crafting needs, but when it comes right down to it, modifying these great systems for use in art projects just doesn't work as well. Last week, that all changed for me. Enter CraftMemo, the latest organizational web tool to emerge. This website finally gives us artsy types an online tool to track our projects, materials and favorite vendors (online and off) in one handy place.

I'll admit, I was skeptical at first. But being the productivity and online tool addict that I am, I went ahead and created my own account. And after looking around at all the things I could do with this site, and seeing the potential of what this site holds, I was hooked.

Each account has 3 tabs: Inventory, Suppliers and Projects. The idea is that you enter all your crafting supplies into the system. If you've kept an MS Excel spreadsheet, CraftMemo allows you to import the list. You can categorize and note the location for each item you're keeping track on from this tab as well. CraftMemo makes it easy for you to keep your supplies up to date so you're never left without paint or glue or buttons when working on your latest masterpiece. If you're running low on supplies, or feel the lure to go to the craft store, Craft Memo allows you to create and print out a handy shopping list so you get exactly what you need and nothing more (*ahem* yeah, right... like anyone goes into a store and does not buy the latest and coolest crafty toy). The system also displays reminders for items low on stock on your home page so you'll always have a handy reminder to keep important materials well stocked.

Once after all items have been entered you move over to the Suppliers tab. In this section, you list all the suppliers, craft stores and online retailers you frequently purchase these supplies from. Consider this the crafter's phone book for the best supplies. There's even a Notes field so you can enter notes about your suppliers. Once again, you can even print out a list of all your suppliers so you can move it into your Planner or Craft Organizer so it's always at your fingertips.

The Projects tab allows you to set up all your in progress craft projects and associate your supplies to them. It tracks the cost of creating each item and tells you how much one of these things costs to make. This is really handy because it shows you just how much you might want to mark up an item if you plan on selling it to others. You can also display a picture of the art project and give it a brief description. This information is then used in the CraftMemo online art gallery where you can showcase your work to others. At the time of this article, the gallery was not finished; but I can't wait to see what other members on the site are working on and how they use CraftMemo.

Now, I've only started playing with the site. Which means I've just started to add items into my massive catalog that I can track with my 6 art projects. Getting started with this site and putting all the details of your art and projects into the system can take some time, especially if you intend on using this system to track every tiny detail of your art. Once you get going, you have a fully automated, complete track of what you use and how you use materials to make art. However, what I truly love and think the system's best is how it uses the materials listing to track the cost of a single piece. It teaches artists how to turn their crafts and hobbies into a viable business. The various, printable reports the system allows you to print out is another bonus. This application makes sure you have shopping lists and are never out of the tools and materials you need to complete your projects. And it allows you to export import and export your lists to your home system in various formats. Although the site is in beta format, the author constantly updates the features and improves the site's performance on a regular basis.

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Awsome!! Thanks so much for this find! Im just putting together my jewelry business and I was hoping to find something like this instead of using plain ole MS Excel - which im not to great on!


Craft Memo

I don't know how old this link is, but it takes me to a site that is called

I would love to know more about the craft memo, but cannot find the website.! Help!

Well, if you look at the top, it says...

Submitted by innowen on Thu, 2006-08-17 04:00

So it looks to be over 4 years old !
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