Very inexpensive 7-hole punch has a 7-hole adjustable punch on sale now for $6.49. (Even not on sale, it's a good value: $13.69.) The order number is SWI74114.

Description: "Eight-sheet or ten-sheet light-duty adjustable desktop hole punches. Semi-adjustable punch heads with seven stops. Manufacturers limited 90-day warranty. Replacement punch head (SWI74850), sold separately...."


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Still on the same subjet, but with a question:

I'm from the province of Ontario, Canada. Any Canadian citizen must answer my question: Where can I find a 7-hole punch? Does Staples/Business Depot have it? If not, then where's it's sold at?

I found a punch at eBay & seller will ship to Canada!

Hello. I just found the punch on eBay and it will expire in about 12 hours. (Right not it's Aug. 21, 2006 at 5:55 pm PST.) The sale price at this time is $8.50. I hope you get it. I'll keep looking. (I'm a wizard at finding things on the 'net.)


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