Monthly Calendar on A4 (Landscape) generating Macro


(Due to editing stupidity I have to repost the topic :( )

Instead of filling out month templates by hand I decided to write a OOo Macro to do this for me.

You'll find the draw templated I use for this inside the .zip file. And the generated PDF as example, with the months from now on to 31.12.2008.

It allows you to generate monthly calendars for as many months as you like.
It allows you to embed public holidays.

The attached version is german with swiss public holidays.

Language and public holidays should be pretty easy to change even without big programming skills.

If there's interest, I'll polish up my week a page script and publish it as well.

Thank you and plan on


month-planner-a4-landscape-OOo-macro.zip14.46 KB
month-planner-a4-portrait-2006to2008-ch-holidays.pdf166.56 KB
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Converted it to English

Here's a pdf version in English with the holidays omitted:


I have good use for this! Thanks

How do I use the macro ?

All I can do is crash Open Office.

Or is that what the macro is supposed to do ? :)