Stalking the Great Overus

Steve's still recuperating from his vacation. While he's gone, Dr. Corie vonOrganizationsplunker's back for another installment of Wild Planning. Today she's invited us to the home of another rare and interesting organizational beast. Read on to see what the good doctor has in mind for us.

Hello and welcome once again, my friends. Today we have an in-depth look for you into the habitat of the legendary Overus Achieverus. Known far and wide as the single most organized creature on the planet, Overus even falls short of her own standards sometimes. Fortunately for us, I was able to silently uncover and track one of these beasts to her home.

We're going to take a peek inside her abode. Keep your voice down and no questions until we're safely back outside. Now move quietly, folks. Hmm, she seems to be in a cleaning frenzy over there in the bedroom. So why don't we leave her alone in there and move deeper in her home. Let's examine some of the other chambers in this den. Quietly now. Unexpected guests tend to send Overus into a frenzy, especially on cleaning day.

Ah, here's the study--my favorite room. Take a minute to gaze around the room, but under no circumstances do you dare touch anything. Notice anything special? To the untrained eye, you may think that everything is normal. But to my eyes, I see a whole lot more. Everything is in perfect order. Overus has arranged her furnishings with mathematical precision. There's not even a speck of dust visible anywhere. But if you look down near the desk, you'll see that she's not been here yet today. The trashbin is full. Let's take a closer look at the desk and what's in her trashbin shall we?

Examine her correspondence, if you will. See this? Not only is every single piece of paper labeled, it's categorized and filed alphabetically within it's own section. Even her pencils are sharpened so each one of the H2 lead matches the exact same length. Now that takes effort! And I'm guessing that the effort may display in what's in her trashbin.

It seems like quite a bit--there must be an inch of pencil shavings in here. And look! Do you see all that paper? They look like drafts of the very same letters. Let's move along now. We must be careful; timing is everything. We don't want Overus to catch us while she's busy cleaning. Shoot, there she is now. Hide, quickly.

Here, behind the curtains, in the living room. She can't see us if we stay very still. Hold your breath? She's walking right by. All right, now! Quickly, while she's got the vaccuum on!

Whew, we made it. That was close! While we were in the living room, did you notice the mantelplace with its row of neatly-arranged knicknacks? It seems like her organizational skills extend to things other than her abode and papers. I've never seen that many ceramic shephardesses in one place before. What's this room around the corner?

I wonder what a peek in here will show us? What a lovely kitchen. Look at how all those pots and pans shine. I've never seen pots that old polished so brightly before. Once again, there's not a speck of dust to be found; and all these glasses have no water spots. Goodness, look at her cupboard. All her canned goods are arranged in alphabetcial order, just like her paperwork. Overus certainly takes her organizing seriously!

This Overus is certainly a prime example of the species. I've never seen such amazing organization. Ah, it sounds like she's done in the bedroom. Let's take a look. Remember to move quietly, now.

Goodness! She even irons her sheets. Not a wrinkle to be seen in these linens! Nor in her carefully color-arranged wardrobe. A fine specimen, indeed!

Hmm, I don't hear more sounds of cleaning. Perhaps she's taking a break. Let's find out what she's doing right now. But quietly--we don't want to frighten her.

There she is, in the kitchen. Look how precisely she prepares a cup of tea--exactly measuring the sugar and cream, and it seems the beverage is set to steep for not a moment more or less than five minutes. Take a look at that, will you? She's even wiping off the counter now that the tea's been made. Even though she didn't spill a single drop!

I think we may have been here long enough to catch a glimpse of dear Overus. Let's leave her to enjoy a well-earned rest, shall we? She's worked hard today. I must say, the degree to which this magnificent creature has organized her possessions is almost frightening.

Thank you for coming with me, on this great adventure. Until next time, friends, Doctor Corie bids you adieu.

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