My "classic" Solution

I have a Day Runner classic - 7 hole.

I hemmed and hawed for the last week (which is how I found this great site) and finally decided on getting blank pre-punched sheets from Franklin-Covey:


At $11.00 for 200 sheets, the time saved on cutting and punching are well worth it to me - the 7 hole delema is what drove me to this place.

I'm designing my custom pages in Quark - a very expensive program, but none better for print design, and I have a printer (Epson Photo Stylus 2200) that will darn near bleed off these single pages, so it's well worth having the quality look and feel to the paper since I'm spending so much design time. It gives me more time too, because I'm not cutting and punching all the time.

IF YOU DECIDE TO DO THIS... make sure your printer will handle the margins your desgins require; printing these to size. You've been warned! :o)

Don't know if it will help anyone out there, but it sure took a load off my shoulders!

This site has really been a God-send for me. Many of the page designs etc. really have the creative juices flowing for what I need this planner for.

Thanks peeps!


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