Pen Holder

I would like to be able to clip a pen to my paper pad.
Has anyone of you ever seen a pen clip or clipable pen-holder?
My organizer has this loop on the side that holds a pen but I want that loop to be attachable (and detachable)to any paper pad.
Any suggestions where I could look for such a device?

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aviation pen clips

There are some very nifty pen clips that aviators use to clip pens and pencils to their maps, etc.

A quick "google" and I found this site in the UK.

I'm sure you could find these clips elsewhere.

Edited because I found another site for the pen clips, this time in the USA

The aviator pen clips look

The aviator pen clips look like a good idea--I wonder whether they're available locally or just on-line.

I found a spiral notebook that had a fairly thick plastic sheet with an elastic pen holder attached. I took the pen holder page/sheet out of the notebook, cut off all of the holes except the top and bottom ones, and now have a pencil holder that can be moved between spiral notebooks.

Also, you might see this page because you could probably make your own:

I suspect that you could just insert the pencil holder into a notebook without fastening it in, and it wouldn't fall out--just the pressure of the pages would hold it in.

Pen Holder

If you want to go low-tech, get some sticky-back Velcro dots. Stick one on your pen and one on the front of your pad.


Lisa P.