College student in need for a planner!


I'm new to this forum and I just started college this monday so hopefully, you can help get me organized.

I have been looking around through different office supplies store and I can't really find any good planners for college students. Some planners are lacking a class schedule and others offers too many pages that I may not need. As a result, I decided to go to this website and create my own planner with different elements that I need.

However, I need some help finding a classic sized binder that can carry the printed pages from this site along with a zipper and a pen holder. Is there any way I can find this type of binder or do I need to buy a planner with pages inside it already? Please let me know. If its not possible, what planners do you recommend for college students?


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Welcome to D*I*Y...

Hi Justin, Welcome to D*I*Y.

Doug has thoughtfully provide us with a list of recommended planners to suit all pockets. If you can afford it 'buffalo' (actually from bison), full grain hide or 'nappa' (chrome tanned sheepskin I believe) will, with care, last a lifetime.

Avoid bycast leathers - these are marked 'bonded', coated or PU coated.. Once the 'glue' starts to break down they quickly deteriorate. However they do come in a range of interesting colours....

Synthetic planners. - Microfibre probably has the longest working life and is cheaper than bycast.

Plain binders - available in a range of styles, affordable and give one time to save for something more professional, if needs be.

Good luck with your course. :)