Business Ideas Template

Hi Everyone,

I was hoping you could help me with the first template I want to design. It's a business ideas template. I come up with little ideas for businesses every now and then, and I just wanted a page to summarize an idea. What do think I should include?

Thanks for all/any suggestions.

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Business Idea template - Brainstorming 'Quickly'

If you are going to record business ideas now and then, it might be a good idea to keep the record of the idea simple. - and make the medium of your idea lists flexible/portable (word of warning: great ideas have been written on too many napkins, only to be flushed away in the wash cycle.)

A full page describing an idea is good, but I might save that for the actual proposal. Brainstorming QUICKLY is usually a good plan. Your ideas will 'automatically' develop into actionable plans if they resonate.

Simplicity will allow time to affect your interpretation of the entry. You could strike-through old drafts of the idea and follow them with revised entries of the action (just make sure you can still read the old ones.)

Give the ideas time to develop. If you keep making and recording observations, the process of innovation will get stronger.

The only attributions I would attach to describe the entries might list the factors leading to or affected by the idea. What does the idea address, or what is it a product of, etc.

The trick is knowing when to act on those ideas.

The book, The Ten Faces of Innovation, by Tom Kelley of IDEO, described the process as carrying around a "bug list" and an "idea wallet." If you are interested in facilitating innovation, I recommend this book.

What do you think?