Time Management

Time Control is a Personal Development coaching program with 34 powerful, multimedia modules; delivered online.Each module goes for thirty minutes. This week its Free!-so put on your headset, close the door and learn How to Apply the Knowledge,Time Control delivers.

In memory of the 9/11 innocent victims and their loved ones Time Control is offering a weeks FREE access to the program. Log on to www.timecontrol.cc and the login password is there to be used and shared with your loved ones. The e Coaching modules cover subjects ranging from Time Management for Parents, to Stress reduction,Leadership,TQM,Clarity and of course Goal setting. The Modules include workshop exercise and the program is facilitated by the Master Coach Vince Panella.

This what Brian Tracy says of the Time Control system "Learn how to unleash more of your true potential for greater success"

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Interesting information.

Interesting information.
You can find more about time management in this site:


Check it out, and tell me about it!


Pet Peeve

(Nevermind. I'm just in a crumudgeonly mood today.)

How to Breed Dramatic Spamlets...

Not just you Linda. I followed the link and now I am a curmudgeon too :O

scared to even click....

based on sard's post alone... i refuse to click the link. is this something we need to pull off the site before EVERYONE goes to curmudgeon-dom?


I vote yes

I saw it too. What do they call that stuff now? A Splog?


Borderline spam?

The original post in this thread is a part of the PlanIt Organizer folks' site, who are some decent people. I've had occasion to talk with them -- their binders are quite excellent, for what it's worth, although I haven't had the time to check into this time management thing of theirs. There was a genuine good intention behind it, and it was free for a week, so I don't mind that so much.

The second post, on the other hand, leaves me a little baffled. There's not much there except some repetitious text and pictures, but it's not a classic splog either, since there's no ads or purchasable products of any type that I can find, so they can't (currently) be making any money from it.

I've seen far more crass plays for linkage and quick bucks in almost every other forum I've belonged to, so I guess I should leave the articles here and give them the benefit of the doubt. If I regret it later, they're easy enough to edit.

all my best,