Project Emphasis (Classic/A5 Form)

Sometimes people are a little over-eager. They mindmap or otherwise brainstorm amazing project ideas, then rush blindly into trying to outline the project or its resources. In doing so, they miss an important step: deciding upon the project emphasis. I've recently realised that there is no template within the D*I*Y Planner project that adequately addressed that need. Well, until now.

An experienced project manager will often pass through three phases:

  1. Brainstorming, either alone or with a group (usually with lists or mindmaps)
  2. Outlining possible objectives and deliverables
  3. Structuring the project, starting with the "big picture" view, and delving down into the individuals tasks and details as needed

Project Emphasis formThe deceptively simple Project Emphasis template is used to help determine the scope of a project or venture, what would best indicate success, and what the priorities are. Thus, it's meant to address the second phase.

The columns on the form are:

  1. Objective: A focussed and achievable objective for your project or organisation. For example, "Improve job quote turnaround time."
  2. Indicator: What would be an indicator that this objective was successfully reached? For example, "Quotes in one day or less, guaranteed."
  3. Pr: The priority of the objective. Use 1-10 or A-E, or whatever you normally use to assign priorities.
  4. Current: What the current state of this objective is, if any. For example, "2-3 days turnaround." Use "N/A" for Not Applicable, which may be the case if it's a brand new venture.
  5. Target: What is the ultimate target number, volume, cost, or milestone mark for the objective? Be precise. For example, "5 work hours from receiving request."

Since this form uses ledger-style lines instead of boxes, use multiple lines if necessary for each item; preface each item with a bullet or arrow if that helps legibility. Once you've gathered all your objectives, then you can decide upon the necessary scope and priorities of your project or venture, and go forward into the Goal Planning form, Objectives form, or the various project forms (all included in the core Classic and A5 packages).


The Project Emphasis form is currently available in both classic size (5.5" x 8.5") and A5, in both even-page and odd-page placement.

As usual, this is still considered draft format until the next release of the D*I*Y Planner, and is licensed under the same Creative Commons License as the main kit. Feedback is much appreciated.

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