Graphics version of A5 DIY Planner3?

I think i posted this in the wrong forum (Gen Discussion) so i moved it here:

just wondering is it possible to get a graphics version of DIY Planner3 A5 edition?
or is there an easy way to extract a page/image from the PDF - I tried a screenshot but it didnt print great ...

I dont have a PDF editor but maybe theres some other way of getting at the original images, that is, of course, if the authors dont mind!

thanks in Advance

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Graphical versions of the A5 forms

There are a number of applications and utilities that can convert PDF files to bitmaps like JPGs and PNGs. The two I use most myself are Adobe Photoshop and Apple Preview. Any Windows users out there know of any free programs for that platform?

all my best,

I'm using windows, have an

I'm using windows,
have an old copy of photoshop (5.5) so can try that - but with so many pages in that PDF file I dont know will my system be able to handle it!
will let you know how i get on, tom

This might do the trick -

This might do the trick - - or this which is a bitmap output print driver -

that pdf995 sounds very

that pdf995 sounds very impressive - have downed it for later!
Ta, tom

That worked atreat dj -

That worked atreat dj - thanks for the tip, I hadnt used Pshop for PDFs before.

I got to choose which page I wanted & dots-per-inch & no Anti-alias & got a lovely clean copy

thanks again.