Fold-out sheets

I recently moved from a pocket Moleskine as a capture device to a 5.5"x8.5" paper planner (to capture more notes, keep reference material, and do some actual planning). I'm using a selection of D*I*Y Planner pages, which are working well so far.

When I was browsing through planner ideas and trying to work out how I wanted to set up my planner, I came across an idea that Time/system is using that template designers might want to consider as a possibility.

They have some forms that are designed to fold out of the planner. To explain: think of an 8.5"x11" page with a 2-up form printed on it, with holes punched in one end. Fold the page over, leaving some room around the holes to let the folded page stick out about as much as a tab when you put it in your planner. (Of course, the same concept works for A4 pages as 2-up A5s.)

Then you have a page that can fold out beyond the regular 5.5" width when you want it -- perhaps handy for reference or planning information. I've never used the Time/system planner, but it looks like their weekly and/or monthly planning pages can be had in this size/arrangement. When you're done with the period, you can archive it by folding the plan around it, which could be handy later on.
(See the first image on this page for an idea of what I'm talking about.)

Anyway, it's just an idea. Print out a 2-up of something, punch and fold it, and see what ideas might strike you. I'm keeping a few projects together this way, folding an outside letter-size page around a group of D*I*Y Notes pages.

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Fold out sheets

That's a great idea. I had been thinking about doing something like that for maps, but now that I think twice about it, it has the potential for a lot more uses....

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Other uses

I've been keeping my Next Action lists in a Word document for a long time. When I moved to the paper planner I rearranged the document to a landscape format (in two columns), so I could put it in the planner this way.

My "Work" actions now hang out the left side of the planner, always available without getting in the way of the rest of my pages.

-- flexiblefine

Full Sheet

I added a full blank sheet to my stack, 'cause sometimes you just need a big piece of paper. I also have a sheet form the ACLU about what to do if you are arrested...and it is a full sheet.

I do that with bus schedules

Every time the transit company comes out with new schedules, I use to just shove them in a pocket in my bag and loose them within a week or two. Now I just fold them so that they will fold out of my day-planner easily and punch holes along the top-edge.

Works great.


And if you run a strip of sturdy, clear tape along the punch edge before you put holes into it, it won't rip out of the day-planner!

Great Idea!

I like this idea a lot! I'm sure our highly competent template designers will deliver on this one!


Still love to see this

I'd still love to see some form designs to compliment Time/Design - I use their mSystem design which is 7 hole punched like daytimer etc. I love the fold out design, this is what has made it possible for me to stick with paper for any length of time. I am very out-of-sight-out-of-mind, so having to flip back and forth from lists to calendar just doesn't work at all for me. The mSystem has much fewer forms available than the original system, and would really benefit from some good folding DIY templates :) not to mention cutting down some costs, shipping even to Canada adds quite dramatically to the prices.


Are there any particular DIYPlanner pages you would like to see 2-up like this? If there are, there are ways of making this work. The simplest is to simply print the two pages you want--only those two pages, and in the print dialog, choose to print 2-up in the layout options. You will get both, at half-size, on one side of a piece of paper. The trick with this, is to use the full-sized templates, not the Classic-sized ones. There are other ways, if you are interested in hearing about them...


This can be done easily

I am planning a 2-up mod to some of the Dynamic Templates. All you would do is make the inner margin 0 mm, print it, smurf one side and maybe trim the other side a bit.
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fold-out pages

I agree that the fold-out design is great. In 2005 I found a random Day-Runner weekly planner that had this design, but cannot find it again. (I even called them, but they couldn't/didn't help, or respond to my suggestion to make it again.) It was the best calendar/planner I have ever found. Because of how great it is, I have spent way too much time looking for one like it, which is, btw, the reason I found this today...
The one I have has, in weekly (closed) view, Mon-Wed on the left, then Thurs-Sun on the right. You can open out the right page to reveal the year, above small 3 month view, and below that, holidays and special occasions, with a few lines, then "Things to do this week", date/Task, covering a little more than half the page to the left of the crease. (That is, on the left side of the opened out page) The right side of the page is just "notes, thoughts, ideas", with lines to write on. This is probably hard to imagine, but since you guys design things, you may get it.
So, in other words, if you had all the pages opened out, you would have:
holes, year/ 3-mo calendar/ Holiday section/ Things to do; margin and fold; Notes, thoughts, ideas;
(on back) Thurs-Sun; margin and fold; Mon-Sun./ holes
It is an AMAZING design!



I'd really like to see a photo of that, if you've still got your old pages. Sounds cool.