Help printing from Outlook for a lefty

I've read the other post about printing your Outlook calendar in General Discussion>>Printing outlook calender. That actually helped me alot. I have just started to use my planner but I want to print my calendar in a 1 day - 2 page format. Well in Outlook, it would print the calendar on the left and the notes on the right. I want to do it backwards, the notes on the left and calendar on the right. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Editing Outlook print layout

Yes, you can swap the layout to have the notes on the left and the calendar on the right.

Go into your Outlook Calendar
Choose File >> Pages Setup >> Define Print Styles
Choose the layout you want to change
Click "edit"
Then choose which fields you want to have in each column.
Save the changes

Be sure to note what the original setting were so you can reset them if needed. This is especially important if you are using Outlook on a network in your workplace as you may change the report format for everyone (not likely but possible).

followed your directions but they don't work

I've tried that but it will not allow me to change the layout. Here is exactly what I am doing.

I found this at Home » forums » General Topics » General Discussion
Printing outlook calender

Outlook - Page Setup
[Daily Style]
Format - Layout - 1 page / day
Paper - Letter, 1/2 sheet booklet, Portrait Orientation
Margins - 0.50" T/B/L/R

Print | Properties
Layout - Landscape
Print on both sides - Flip on Short Edge
Page order: Front to back
Pages per sheet - 1

This works really well for the 1 day per page layout but I'd like to do a 1 day 2 page layout with the large note section on the left side if you have the binder open.