Goals and Activities

My first attempt at my own template. I have been reading Julie Morgenstern's "Time Management from the Inside Out" and liked her idea of defining spheres of my life, goals, and activities to achieve each goal. I did it by hand first, but then thought that having a typed version in my new DIY Planner would be more motivating.

The PDF has two blank pages; they have left and right margins if you want to print it double-sided and punched, with room for 8 sections.

The OpenOffice document has two additional pages; The second pair have text fields if you want your goals and activities typeset.

Please do leave feedback, since I'm having a lot of fun with the Widget Kit.

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
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Usage advice: 

1. Enter the various spheres of your life in the rounded rectangles; home, work, health, parenting, etc. I've allowed space for eight, which is probably too many!

2. Define a big, positive goal in the two-line box for each sphere.

3. In the triple checkboxes, decide on three actions/activities that will move you towards that goal.

4. Now, find space for each activity in your weekly/monthly pages!

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Applications required: 
Adobe Acrobat
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