I just wanted to introduce myself

I am new here and thought I would say hi to everyone.

I am currently using a Franklin-Covey planner, Monarch size, that do to a recent job change is not going to be practical for me to use. Monday my shipment from Levenger will be here with an international pocket briefcase and index cards. I think this will work out much better for me trying to stay somewhat organized. I had to pick up a pen as well, you know while I was placing the order, so I have a Pilot/Namiki Vanishing Point II coming along with ink.

It seems to me reading a lot of the content here on the site that most people are following the GTD ideas. I do have the book and intend to read it this weekend, so you may see some more questions coming from me, I will try to refrain from asking incredibly stupid and obvious ones.



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Don't worry about asking incredibly stupid and obvious questions, my friend -- that's how we all get started. ;-)

all my best,