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So my brother will be graduating high school in May, and I'm very proud of him (he's not exactly known for his academic ability, so I'm more than ecstatic actually). He's even expressed interest in attending a local aviation college to get his A&P license. Considering his previous performance in school (not so great), I thought a custom circa planner would be a useful graduation gift for him since it could help him get a grasp on his time management and possibly get a grasp of the whole goal setting involved in life after high school.

Being that I'm obsessed with organization, my current system would obviously not really be a good starting point for him. What do you guys think would be a good point to start on this? I use a one-page-per-day system, but I think that would probably be overload on him, so maybe a two page per week system? Anyone that's been to a technical school that can give me some insight into specifics that might be useful would be great too!

Another big factor is financial organization. I might be a little to obsessed with getting him involved in this because he will be moving in with me after high school, and will be responsible for 1/2 of the utilities, but I still think it's an important part of "real life" that he needs to have a grasp on. Again, my system will likely be a little too complicated, so I'm looking for suggestions on how I can incorporate this into a planner for an 18 year-old boy.

Any and ALL suggestions are welcome, whether it's on content, tools, actual notebook, etc. Thanks!

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How about the Levenger Circa Simply Irresistible Sampling Kit ?

The $40 bundle that includes the $40 gift card.
Then you can train him properly :)
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Simple and cool


My suggestion is to make the planner as simple as possible and cool/fun for an 18 year old.

Perhaps a cover with an aviation theme, or an aviation theme to the pages. Maybe a pocket sized planner than he'll use rather than a larger planner that will get left behihd.

Also, don't add everything and the kitchen sink. Maybe a week to a view planner, a basic task list, a contact list, and one goal sheet. That's enough to start.

I've found over more years than I like to count that being very enthusiastic about something is a guaranteed way to make someone else detest it. So resist the urge to tell him how to use his planner.
Let him make mistakes and then ask you about it - then you'll be the kind problem solver and not a bossy older sibling telling him what to do. :)

You can always give him extra sheets and info as presents. eg some project planning / assignment managing pages would be a good gift when he gets accepted into the aviation school.

P.S. You could also add some pages into the planner that make it relevant to his life outside study etc to encourage him to use it. eg. movies he wants to see, music he wants to get, website addresses to remember etc