What Journal? to last 1 year

Hey all,

I usually use moleskines for my daily journal, but they only come in 240 pages maximum which is not enough to last me through the year, so I usually get through two per year. Do you know of any books like the moleskine which have more pages? I did think of using one of their daily diaries but I need more than one page for my daily ramblings! :-)


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Use multiple Moleskines

Label them 2011-a, 2011-b, etc.
That's my suggestion.

Keep it simple.
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thanks - thats the way i was

thanks - thats the way i was thinking too, but thought maybe it'll be much neater in just one book altogether. Its gonna be that way then :- ) thanks. Another idea I had was use Rhodia paper, then get all the paper binded at the end of the year.