How to print out templates


I use a filofax personal, and have always been on the look out for better pages to fill it with. Your templates here are awesome, really what I was looking for.

How do you recommend I print these out?

Is there special paper that has perforated edges for the templates, that I can put into a standard A4 printer?

All help appreciated - I'd really like to use these templates.


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Making templates

There are currently no official personal size templates,just Classic, A5 and Hipster PDA (index cards). However, a number of people have resized the hPDA version for printing onto personal size sheets. The gist of it: call up a desktop publishing program like InDesign, Draw, or Quark. Draw the borders of your pages (this is where you will cut them afterwards). Import the graphical versions of the hPDA cards and place them within the borders, making sure to leave ample room for the punch holes. Print, cut, and punch.

One of the major problems with this size paper is that, unlike classic, A5 or index cards, it's difficult to find it or cut it easily. I do have some personal-size template ideas, but they'll have to wait until I get enough time to experiment. (Or a brave volunteer steps forward to assist me.)

all my best,