Time/Design - Any opinions?

Anyone know about Time/Design Planners? I have not seen much about them or know if they are superior to others. Thanks.


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I took a Time/Design course

I took a Time/Design course thru someone at work a couple of years ago. I found it waaaaaay too complicated.

I felt exasperated trying to keep up with it. I remember finally saying, "I don't have time to manage my time management system!"

Apparently it works for others, though.


I have used Time Design over 20 years and find nothing else compares.

I agree. I have used

I agree. I have used other systems in between my 20 years, but always come back. It works.

Time design

I really like the A5 size of Time Design. The size is good for writing as opposed to a Filofax personal size, which feels very cramped when writing on the left side of the diary.

I also like the feel of the Time Design paper. Granted, you cannot easily carry it around in a purse or when travelling, but it does help me in the morning to organize my day.

If anyone knows of a better time management system, I would love to know about it. I've tried the Time design compact system but it just didn't work for me.



I have used the Time Design

I have used the Time Design planner for nearly 20 years on and off - mostly on. While I do not use it strictly according to the training, it does help me organize daily tasks, actions, contacts, and notes. The daily pages are moved out regularly as new blanks are added for future weeks. Persistent notes can be kept in the binder as the daily pages come and go. Old pages are scanned to PDF and gathered into an annual archive, so I don't need to keep the paper. The zippered leather binder has lasted over 15 years.

One downside is the annual cost. Refills are $50-$60/year, which I feel is steep for an inch of printed paper. However, the quality of the paper and the printing clarity is excellent. It's easy to read and holds up well. I found this thread in the course of looking for alternatives to buying TD's annual refill.

That said, the organization method is generally sound and fairly practical. As with many things in life, it is the individual discipline and implementation/execution that often poses the challenge.


If you like Time/Design but want something a bit cheaper (and something that fits in 7ring binders), you could look at mSystem.com which used to be the same company in the US, but this year they parted. The forms are a bit different, some would say not as good but I think they are ok. They changed the way they are packaging their refills for 2009, splitting it up so you can get it for much less money, especially if you like weekly pages.


Thanks! Their weekly pages are nice and they're much less expensive than other options. Looks like the old merry-go-round of trying multiple planners is going to start up again. And the discount on the other forms is good, too.

Time Design is a valid Merry-Go-Round option!

GG - I love your Merry-Go-Round Metaphor! (Anlogy? Homily?). TimeDesign is a horse I happily rode for a while.

My 2cents on Time Design were added at this related thread. (Thanks to Ygor for linkifying.) A forum search for TimeDesign or Time/System will net you others' opinions.

Enjoy the 2009 Anticipation everyone!
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Time Design Planners

I have been using Time Design planners since 1995 and they are superior to any planners I've ever seen. The reason is that this is a system unlike any other. I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to this system by former manager of mine. There were eight of us that took a class on this system and it became apparent immediately that it was uniquely developed for detailed planning as well as quick use. I don't want to give the impression that a class is necessary to use this system because it's easy to use but I did enjoy the training that this system provides.

It's relatively inexpensive for the amount of value it provides.

I have become so dependent on it that I don't know what I'd do without it. Also when I call the company to place an order, their employees are just so helpful to me and friendly that I can ask them anything related to using the system and they go out of their way to make sure that I'm very well taken care of.

I hope you'll find this tool as useful as I have over the years.

I like planners but....

Cant imagine being quite so sincere about a diary/planning system.................


I can

When I was in college. I discovered Daytimers®. In one semester, my grades went from Cs to high Bs and As. (2s to 3.5 and higher) I became quite fanatical for Daytimers®, and even convinced a bunch of friends to at least try it. So, yes, I can see it. ;-) BTW, I used the 2 page-per-day traditional, in the 3x5 spiral-bound size in my hip pocket. I created a system that not only worked for me, but for everybody who tried it. ;-)


Why is Time Design different/special?

The fold out/over pages as mentioned in the other thread. Thus you can keep a running to do list (or per GTD To Call, errand, etc lists) and fold it over so 1. you never re-write your to do lists and 2. you can see today's calendar AND at the same time the to do list(s). Time Design is also very flexible so you can customize your system to way you like.

I took the mandatory Time Design training offered at the company I worked in around 1992. It was taught by David Allen and he taught how to use it for GTD. I used the Time Design system for about a decade and am going back to it after many years of PDAs (iphone currently) since there is something more real about paper and written lists vs. electronic lists.

Once was enough

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Oh no does this mean we are on the same wavelength????




Not much different than other systems

Nice layout idea in the European style planner pages but as usual, systems try to cramp many things into tiny spaces.

This has never worked for me and the main cause of my dislike of pre-printed traditional pages.

Printing and carrying the schedule for a busy month, week or day along with notes associated with the various projects makes sense.

Lugging loads of pre-printed unused pages makes for a sore back or shoulder and paper waste.

I know that most people have no use for January 1st page except to write "recover for New Years Eve party"

The two exceptions would be emergency personnel and consummate socialites.

During this time of the year, when planner systems compete to attract audiences into their pre-printed system, I am weary of astroturfing.

Selling next year pre-printed pages seems to be the make or break drive of sales departments.

As a member of the D.I.Y planner forum, and long time D.I.Yer by necessity, that obsession of selling the same old, same old is infuriating.

I would be much happier if planner companies were offering durable accessories which I could use as fast visual reminders.

Plastic page markers in different colors, durable and easily removable tabs available in the manner they are for letter size binders are one glaring omission.

With them, I could make a mirror but scaled down version of the content of a letter size organizer, using outlines.
That is especially important for a long term project like a paper, a blog topic research, decorating or craft project or a new venture.

Time Design Looks Interesting

I haven't seen TimeDesign before but it looks intriguing. I am hoping to find out more about it and incorporate aspects of it into my reborn planner.
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Welcome aboard Luc. Great to have another member from this part of the world. Bob H.

Thanks for the welcome

Thanks for the welcome Bob!
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