Contacts from computer to the paper planner


I am looking for a "good" freeware application to store my contacts on the computer (Linux, Windows or possibly Mac). I want to be able to then print on both sides in filofax format.


Most contacts/address book/PIM applications are not tuned to run nicely a PC|Paper double life. The developper of these applications assume that you will always have your laptop or PDA handy and that keeping the personnal information in bits and pixelS is good enough. Even worst, as I was conducting my research on the Net for my killer app, I found a new breed of Web2.0 applications that assume you will be online all the time. This does not work for me in my life and I believe that the crowd that gathers around here at D*I*Y Planner share this vue.

I have Outlook at work and it does not work well for the contacts. I do not like MS much and would really like to get my hands on an OSS solution with open format standards for the storage of my precious info. I think MS has always played the little sneaky proprietary format trick on its users. Apple and others do not fare much better on that front either.

I had, in another life, a Sony Clié. The Palm desktop that came with it almost did the job (minus the correct paper size and the duplex printing). But of course, the digital world being what it is, the Clié died long ago, and Palm made sure to leave me in the dust with an unworkable data format. Oh dear...

In spite of the bruises that the digital world has left me with, I think it still can add value. In the case of an address book, I find that a mix of computer and paper is a perfect match. You keep your central database neat and organized on the PC and you carry a fresh printout in your paper planner. This is robust and lightweight.

SO I am in search of the _right_ contacts application to do this job.


It actually occurred to me the other day that a good amount of the information that I carry in my planner is "quasi-static". My address book is a good example of that. For this kind of data I tend to add few entries per week or month and even less frequently edit or deletes current entries. For this data, I think that keeping the "master" in the computer is a good idea.well

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Thunderbird, but...

My thinking is that Thunderbird address book would be a 'good' application to keep contact information since it's LDAP/VCARD compliant but...

I can't get it to do anything nice with printing and I haven't found any applications that can take it's information and print it decently.

I guess I am just commiserating with you. Is there an application that would keep contact information in a decently standard format (ldif?/Vcard) that I can print contacts to 3x5's or classic sized planners?