Tony BUzan Universal Personal Organiser


does anyone know if Buzan still produces this A4 planner ?
if so any suggestions as to where in the world i can get one
from ?.
Or even just the pages as i have many A4 binders. I want to
see if it can be combined in some way with the DIY planner


( UK )


i have uploaded the instruction book for the planner for those interested parties ...


Buzan Universal Personal Organiser.pdf945.02 KB
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Buzan Planner?

I've never heard of this beast, but it sounds intriguing. Can anyone offer any more information and/or opinions on this?


A description and pictures

Here's a forum post with good info.

Found it a couple of years ago...

A couple of years ago when I first read the mindmapping book, I did an online search for the Universal Personal Organiser.

At the time I was able to find it, but disapointed to discover that it was only available in the executive leather-bound binder, several-hundred-dollar edition. There was no way just to buy the forms, or to buy it with a more modest binder. It was well beyond my price-range.

I tried to find it again today, in response to this note-- but it seems to have vanished. (Not surprising; it doesn't seem to be a sustainable sales strategy to market a planing system ONLY to the very upper-end of the upper-end market) so I can't give you a link to the over-priced version, since it seems no longer to be available.

The images in the link above, combined with the description in the book, probably give a fairly decent overview of the system, however. (I *do* wish I had a more complete overview, and samples of the forms...)

Illusive UPO.....(rip ? )

Thank you all especially Lindjeanne, it seems it may be worth investigating if someone has a page or two they could scan so we can see what they are actually made up of we can utilise some of Buzans' ideas,colors etc......he certaintly is on the right track with his theories on reaching differing parts of the brain..


Decided to try something...

You've re-ignited my interest in the Buzan style organizer. I decided to try to re-construct some forms that would work with it (with very basic instructions) and posted them here:

Please feel free to imrprove!


Examples of some pages of the UPO can be found in Buzans book 'The Mindmap Book'.

A homemade-UPO users view


I'm coming to this thread rather late, but thought i'd just post my view on the UPO/mindmap diary concept.

As an enthusiatic mindmapper, I had to have a look at the UPO; sent off for the brochure, but decided that £300 was a bit steep for what was a very simple system. I took the same route as LindaJeanne and made my own templates in excel, and used it for a good three years (only stopped when I moved to a PDA). LindaJeanne's templates are almost identical to the ones I produced. My only modification was to enlarge the 24hr segment on the daily pages- this gave more space, meaning I could use it not only for my schedule, but to capture thoughts, phonecalls, meeting notes in their 'place in time'. I found using good quality paper in a nice binder made the whole thing feel more like a quality planning system, rather than a flash notebook. I have to say, I miss not using it- after a failed attempt to make a PDA do all the things I wanted it to (mainly, taking & structuring notes in meetings), I'm sorely tempted to revive it (but then what do I do with my LifeDrive...). And it would definitely fit with GTD, no problems.

There are plenty of software

There are plenty of software packages out there for mindmapping - freemind, buzan's mindmanager are the two which come off the top of my head. depending on your pda, you may well be able to download some sotftware to have the best of both worlds.

Buzan Universal Organiser

After all this time ive got one !!!!! and whats more if anyone is interested i hav ethe complete instructions for its use.

I'm interested. Can you post

I'm interested. Can you post them somewhere?
How are YOU using the planner? Do you have any photos?

I'm interested too! Any

I'm interested too! Any sharing appreciated!
the moving cursor having written, blinks on ...

Link to Mind Map eBook

The following link is to Tony Buzan's "The Mind Map Book" as mentioned in posts. Chapter 20 is where he discusses "The Mind Map Diary" or UPO.

Bob H.

Illegal download?

Is this download legal? It doesn't appear to be.

The site itself claims the

The site itself claims the copyright to be "Attribution non-commercial", knowing the Buzan organisation has been quick to act in the past at even a hint of copyright breaches and the fact that the book is now about 20 years old and I expect out of print, I can only assume it is legal but I concur appearances suggest otherwise. Bob H.

Still In Print

I just purchased this book last month. This scan of the entire book appears illegal.

Anyone tried to download ?

You have to sign up for something before you can download.
I did not sign up or download.
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