A calendar that can be shared with office manager or printed

I would like to create a calendar that presents itself online and in print as a month with 30-31 boxes. I want to be able to add or eliminate activities to any given day. I want to be able to run off this month's calendar or next twelve months whenver the need arises. Perhaps, this is a simple thing to do. Any suggestions on how I can create this for my office manager and myself? In other words, we would share this between our two computers.

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The only way I know how to do this (especially if you do not have a shared network) is to use Microsoft Outlook Calendar. To add an appointment onto your calendar and your Office Managers, you simply open clendar, click new, fill out the info (date, time, etc.) and maybe put your initials first (i.e. FR lunch with John Smith) so that you know it is your appt and vise versa with your OM. Then click on "invite attendees." You type in your OM's email address and the appt gets sent to him/her. S/He opens the email and clicks accept (or decline) and the appt is added to his/her calendar as well. This is how we do it in our office (there are three of us).

Now you can print out the calendar whenever you want and it should have the most current appts for both you and your OM.

Hope this helps!
Nay Nay

Outlook calendars and other ideas

Additional calendars can be created in Outlook.

If you created an extra calendar, perhaps "Fred and his Manager", to hold the shared entries then your personal Outlook calendar wouldn't get cluttered.

If your computers are networked, both you and your manager can copy calendar entries into the "Fred and his Manager" calendar.

If your computers aren't networked, you can copy appointments and email them to the computer that holds "Fred and his Manager" for updating. Or you could use a PDA/palm to run the "Fred and his Manager" calendar.

But that's all very fiddly.

I've seen some clever things done in Excel with wall calendar templates. I suggest that search for Calendar Design programs and see what you can find.