New person with template question

I have just found your site. I had been using these wire bound notebooks to keep track of all the info that flows across my desk and mind. But they were as disorganized as I am and I could not sort them.

So I purchased a Day Timer desk size planner without calendar as I use the computer for that. Instead I want notes, to do's and other interesting things to be in it.

I want to know if I download a 5 1/2-8 1/2 classic 2 up set of templates -- if they have the space to punch the day-timer 7 holes in them. If not, does the i up print such that I do not have to cut more than one side of the page to et the form and does it have space for the holes to be punched.

Also, are the templates set up so I can turn the paper over and print on the other side.

Thanks. I am really excited because I think the forms that one can buy are really inadequate.

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Newbie questions

Yes, the desk size is what we here call the Classic size, and you can print the official 2-up Classic kit on standard letter size paper, on both sides, and then guillotine it down the center. Or, if you have classic size paper, you can print directly on that. Either way, there will be room for the holes. For more info, take a look at the Beginner's Guide and the Documents portion of this site (where you'll find the handbook).

Good luck!

all my best,

Thanks I can't wait to get started

I love to think about better tools to organize ideas. It has been an ongoing passion in my life and to be able to search for sophisticated methods is something I have always been looking for and found wanting.

I am a computer software developer but I believe that for this one has to do it with paper and pencil. I keep my addresses and calendar on the computer but paper and pencil is needed for managing ideas as these allow for a freer flow.