I got ripped off

Please stay away from a company called The Writer's Edge. As those of you who have seen my prior posts know, I'm a huge fan of pens/pencils and am constantly adding to my collection. I was looking for a couple of new Retro51 pens/pencils and found a website that carried them.

The Writer's Edge charged my card back in mid-February but never shipped anything. My initial inquiry resulted in an apologetic email saying they would reship. Six weeks total and nothing has happened except the charge. What kills me is that I didn't use my credit card (so I can't dispute the charges). I received a gift card for Christmas which I used. Nothing I can do. Money gone, no pens. A subsequent google search resulted in several ripoff reports.

TO add insult to injury, the website and confirmation email clearly state that shipping takes 1-3 weeks. I should have known at that point. They ship priority mail - so it would never take that long. All in all, only me to blame, but please don't fall into the same trap.

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Gift Cards have customer service

You might try contacting the gift card company and see if they can help.
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Thanks, I did, no help :(

Thanks ygor, for the thought. I did try. They can't prosecute or dispute on gift cards. THey were able to give me an address and phone number. I sent a demand last night via email that they refund within 24 hours. If they fail to do so, I will contact the Nevada attorney general and try to dig up some consumer protection laws. But in the end, it's $65 and while that is a lot of money to me, I'm not sure how much time to put into it. At the very least I will contact the AG and possibly the postmaster (they're blaming the post office for losing not one, but two shipments!)

I really appreciate the support :)

Priority Mail


If they ship priority mail, really, then there are tracking numbers for tracking the package through the system. It comes with automatic delivery confirmation.

First class is untracked, and parcel post, I think..


They claim they ship priority mail

But then again, they "CLAIM" they shipped it!

They have a Facebook page.

They have a Facebook page. I'd go there and post a comment letting everyone know the problems you are having.


Also, I'd file a complaint with the State Attorney Generals office. It can usually be done online. I've had to do it several times...and problems were resolved very quickly.