The first Circa planner? :)

OK, did anyone else see this? And is it me, or does this look exactly like some sort of metallic prototype of a Circa planner?

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Rings, not discs


The article says the pages are ring bound, which would have been more secure and simpler to achieve.

It is very interesting, I hadn't seen any examples of books with lead pages..I guess I don't get out much. :)


There's nothing new...

Supposedly there's nothing new in the world that hasn't been seen before. that looks like ancient DIY binding to me.

That ancient document is credit card size and linked by rings, so it's more like a fobster or a mini filofax.

Although it's infinitely more important and more precious than any fobster or filofax could ever be.

The first index flash cards?

Eventually historians will figure out that those are study flash cards belonging to some student, or the first hipster PDA for an on the go man of the house.