Saying 'hi' and 'thanks'

I stumbled on this site, like it seems many people have, from looking at alternatives to DayTimer and DayRunner. I used DayTimer for particular for many years back in the stone ages and liked it, so since I've decided to go back to a paper planner I thought I would just go back to that. However, little things frustrated me - like the fact that every planner I looked at gave half the space to Saturday and Sunday, when for me they tend to have more written on them than other days of the week. I looked at "Mom" planners instead, but they had too much stuff I didn't need and seemed to be intended to be left at home.

Enter DIYPlanner! The Dynamic Template 2-page-per-week, 2-page-per-month, and 1-page-per-year are exactly what I want; and I love all the other goodies people have worked up and posted. I got a Classic-size 3-ting binder from Staples to keep it all in, and it's working great for me.

I also made my husband a hipster PDA. Since leaving his last job and giving up the company Blackberry, he has kept surprisingly organized using just blank printer paper folded in 8ths. I made him a good supply of useful sheets, and he went beyond the binder clip by using a drill press to drill two tiny holes (on the right side because he's a lefty) and making his own rings from wire and masking tape. It seems to be working beautifully for him!

So, thanks to Doug and ygor in particular, but all the other wonderful users of this site.

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You are welcome

At the risk of my ego showing, it is when I see compliments like that that I know that all the work I put into this site is worthwhile.

Thank you for your kind words. It made me smile.
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I agree

I so enjoy this site and look at it often. I have suggested it to so many and I really appreciate your hard work. Thank you.