Levenger found at goodwill today!!

Okay so I stopped at Goodwill with my son today to see what was new. I found the Levenger simply irrestible sampler (thats 40.00) minus the 40.00 gift card for $3.50 !!! I have a rollabind from staples that I kinds sorta like....but this Circa is so much nicer. Everything about it is quality and I love love love the paper. You guys were not kidding when you talked about what a nice system this is. Did I get a good deall or what ?

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Sounds like you got a very good deal. Levenger is expensive, the shipping is horrific, but the quality is very good.

Was there more ?

Or did you grab it all ?


Congratulations on your find.
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I hope your good fortune rubs off on us!
Anne O

yes i grabbed it all LOL

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