Classic 2-up design hint


Just wanted to share a trick I figured out with regard to designing Classic sized forms in 2-up format: Put the margin for the holes in the *middle* of the page. It makes it much easier to line things up for duplex printing. Each side of the page has the left side of one form, and the right side of the other. (I use an hPDA for non-work stuff, but I'm reverting to Classic size for work. I've found that the index cards are too fussy when I have to switch focus between projects in reaction to questions, things coming up suddenly, etc.)

PS-- I forgot to add-- make sure that the margins are the same (small) size on all sides when you do this; .25" works well for me.

Edit-- I just realized I put this in the wrong forum. Trying to see if I can move it to the correct form...Cool! It seemed to work!

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