Hello! What a wonderful site!

Hello everyone!

I stumbled upon this site while looking for less expensive sheet protectors for my Rollabind. What a happy stumble :c )

I've been creating my own templates and worksheets for years. It started way back when Day Runners first became popular. Much as I loved mine as a one stop organizer there were so many other things I wanted to be able to use it for. So I began creating my own pages, printing them, and cutting them to fit my little binder. Over the years I've tried several different versions including creating my own from regular 3-ring binders.

A few years ago I happened to find my first Rollabind type notebook at an office supply store. It was love at first use. And again I created pages to fit my particular needs. The only challenge was the size - a junior notebook just wasn't big enough to handle everything I wanted to include.

Happily I discovered the letter size Rollabind notebooks about a year ago and then found a similar product at the office supply store. Better pricing and instant gratification :c ) Plenty of refill sheets too. I did order a paper punch online and some larger discs but pretty much everything else I've purchased locally or designed myself.

I'm so glad I found your site. It's going to take me awhile to go through all the various templates but I'm looking forward to it. And I can hardly wait to post my own creations for everyone to try!

Happy creating everyone!


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Hope you enjoy the site.
Don't be shy about asking questions. Folks here love to share ideas.
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Thank you ygor

i'm sure as soon as i have a bit more free time to explore the site i'll come up with lots of questions.

mostly i've been hopping from topic to topic as things catch my eye. eventually i plan on going to through the topics that interest me most post by post so i don't miss any potentially great stuff!