Creating a schedule book

I've been wanting to design a book but am limited to information on how to go about it. The general idea is a type of schedule book. My questions are...I have my ideas and they are on paper but, when putting it on the computer I am having a hard time making it look professional. Is there a company that can help me put my ideas in a book and/or help it look professional? I live in the Columbus, OH area. Could anyone help me...this is a dream of mine and I am majorly stuck. Thank you for your time.

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Clairfy, please

The "professional look" you want -- do you mean the design of the pages or the construction of the book itself ?
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Schedule Book

Actually, I am in the process of creating a certain type of book. I've looked and have not been able to find one like it in the stores. I have created all the information and or pages that I want included in the book. The problem is that the pages that I have created do not look like what you would buy in a store. For example: The calendar that I have made on my computer looks a little generic compared to one you might buy at Staples. Possibly, it's the spacing, margins, etc...not for sure. Not only do the forms need a little tweeking, it needs to look like I didn't just throw it together at home. Hope that explained it a little better.

Columbus, Ohio

Being that I live in Columbus also, I am sure there are several places that will help you do this. Unfortunately, off the top of my head I can't think of them right now.

Design and desktop publishing

I suggest you check around for local technical schools etc that teach desktop publishing and/or graphic design and ask if any of their students would like some practice helping you with your book.

It would be a good way to get help for your book and give a design student something for their portfolio

That is a very good idea, I

That is a very good idea, I will look into that. Thank you for your time :). Quick thought...My friend's family made a cookbook. Took all of thier recipes, sent it to a company (she cannot remember the name of the company), the company made it into a book with spiral binding (It was very nice). I know what I am doing is a little different...spreadsheets/excel. I'm thinking the spreadsheets need to be right on before I send them in...what do you think?

self publishing

It sounds as though your friend self-published their book through what's known as a 'vanity publisher' who polishes and publishes a book for a fee. You will able to get your schedule book created this way but it's likely to be expensive. (Usually its the same set up fee for printimg 1 book or 50 books.)

Any small printing firm could print your book with spiral binding and a nice cover, but you need to have the content 100% print ready.

There is going to be a limit to how finely crafted your final book looks. For example, most general printers cannot produce printing on the very thin paper you see in some diaries/planners. That takes specialist printing equipment and, due to cost of setting up the machine, the print runs are usually large (eg 1,000s of copies).

For a single book you'll be looking at digital printing onto standard paper using an industrial laser printer or something similar. This might influence how much effort you want to put into making it look ultra-professional.

Also, from a design point of view - if you get help from a design student you'll be sharing the copyright for your book with them. This shouldn't matter, unless you decide to sell your schedule book design to a planning company or print it for sale.

Thanks for your input...I

Thanks for your input...I appreciate it. In regards to the copyright, I went to a copyright lawyer and she informed me that my type of book cannot be copyrighted. I can, though, copyright the "brand" of the book. She had suggested for me to acquire a non-disclosure agreement form. Do you think it would still be a problem to have a design student help? Or do you have any other ideas? I'm in the process of getting the content of my book 100% ready, but, this is holding me back a bit and I'm trying to push through lol.


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