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I designed my own 2-page per day planner pages for the first time, at the end of May. I wanted to use my pages starting April 1st. I've been using Franklin-Covey pages for the past 13 years but because of my job, find I need to go to Monarch/letter size. I finally decided to sit down and design pages that work for me but MY ISSUE is - HOW CAN I EASILY APPLY THE NEXT DAYS DATE TO THE PAGES WITHOUT CHANGING THEM MANUALLY?? My pages all say April 1st so I manually write out the date on each of them as I plan ahead.

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It depends upon what product you used to design your pages and if it has a feature to do date calculations or functions. Search its "Help" pages under formulas and/or date functions etc..

In my own case I use Excel/Calc and print a week at a time. All I change is the starting date and that generates date changes on all seven daily pages including week number and day number calculations.

Bob H.


Hello BobH,
I saw your comment concerning how you use Excel/Calc for your daily planner pages. Would you mind elaborating on how you use Excel to create your planner pages? Also I would be interested in knowing if you use a template that some of us diy's might be interested in seeing and maybe using for their own planners.

My Template

Hello John, I will not go into too much detail here as it is off topic but will make some time to add my templates to the site and include usage notes etc.

I print on A5 paper in portrait so I take the standard page format for A5 in XL/Calc and set left right margins to 1.3 cm and 0.5 cm and top bottom margins to 0.5 cm. The wider side margin is where I punch when putting in the binder. That then leaves an area of 13cm x 20cm for my page which I grid up by setting column widths to 0.5cm and row heights to 0.5cm. I then use the borders tool to define areas for action lists, schedules and the lines to write on.

The top row of the page contains the date done by formatting a cell as a date cell. On the same row I do some week and day number calculations as well and store those in a cell. I then insert a page break at the end of the page and copy my setup so I have 7 pages with page breaks.

As for the dates, on pages 2 to 7 I set the date cell value to the value in the date cell on the previous page plus 1, viz. Jan 1, 2011 + 1 = Jan 2, 2011. I manually set the start date and the calculations take care of everything else. This is the general procedure I was referring to in my earlier update.

Bob H.

Thanks for your reply, Bob!

Thanks for your reply, Bob! I will definitely give this a try. I designed my original pages in Microsoft Word 2007.


If you are using Word you

If you are using Word you can set section breaks between the different months and then use the page number function to set the number date.

I do a booklet for my mother to keep track of diet and blood sugar and in the header I put January "insert page number" 2011 for the first section, then reset the numbering on the next section with February "insert page number" 2011 and so on. I end up with a quarterly document on file with one page per day each labeled in the header with the date. The only tweaking I need to do year to year is to change the year in 3 places (Find/Replace will do this for you) and remove/add a page or so during leap year.

Thanks for the tip for using

Thanks for the tip for using Word! I will give this a try.



Thanks for the reply.
I look forward to seeing what you've done in the way of utilizing Excel as the engine for your planner.